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Monday, November 28, 2011

ConnectIT Resumes

Dear Friendz!

After Wedding Vacation, I have come back with ConnectIT  and my travelling updates. Having an IT workshop with the Govt. of Gandhinagar officers on 29th - 30th November, 2011.

I will come back soon with more updates.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

In Navsari Once Again

Hi... Back to Navsari once again. After the completion of ConnectIT tours of Coimbatore and Gulbarga, I visited secunderabad and spent time with family. I had been there after 5 years. I thank all family members for their care and love which they shown for me during my stay!

Now in Navsari and wedding preparation is begun… I will get back to you soon when I resume my tours after my wedding.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Coimbatore Trip


Hallo Friendz!

Today, I have successfully completed the ConnectIT 4 day’s workshop at Coimbatore-Tamilnadu. I thank to the God for made me able to deliver best sessions, I also thank participants for their wonderful appreciations. Coimbatore stay was very pleasant. I was with new colleague Mr. Santosh More this time and I found him very supportive and having good nature. Had chance to roam in Coimbatore-Gandhipuram area market twice, It is really best market to shop anything and crowded by people all time.

Regarding workshop, it was nice time once again in Tamilnadu. Now, little bit plan has been changed as Gulbarga-Karnataka workshop is not confirmed yet and hoping that it will be confirmed by tomorrow so, Going Hyderabad tonight. Journey to Hyderabad after 5 years, last visited in September, 2006. Willing to meet cousins and family over there...

C U!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sharing of Kutch and Ongoing Tour

Hi friends, greetings from Karim,

On Saturday, I have started my journey towards Coimbatore-TamiulNadu. Workshop is scheduled from Tuesday, 20th which will end on Friday, 23rd. As per plan having back to back two workshops in this trip Insha’Allah, I will resume my journey from Coimbatore to Gulbarga-Karnataka next weekend. 

I am writing this post after so many days as was busy with other tasks. I was engrossed in new home interior as well as my wedding’s shopping. 

After Trichy, last month I was on ITREB tour of Mundara and Bhuj-Kutch for two days where I had taken sessions with youth and enjoyed a lot. I met my past colleagues and students as well. I got chance to visit The Agakhan school, which was built by Agakhan III Sir Sultan Mohd. Shah in 1905. This is the first Agakhan School among of today’s almost 300 Agakhan schools built by Agakhan III & IV.

I visited the traditional Danda Bazaar in Bhuj when I was free from sessions as my mummy wanted khutchi Bandhani Odhanis from there so, I shopped numbers of Odhanis and dress materials for my sister and fiancée. I like the nature of Kutchi people and I praise their way of hospitality. I am thanking Kutch Chairman Rafiqbhai, Salimbhai and Gulambhai for their wonderful help throughout my stay. I also thank the participants of seminar who have appreciated my sessions via FB and messages.

So, waiting for Coimbatore and Gulbarga workshops and looking forward for them. Reached Coimbatore and was having difficulty as train hadn't pantry car so, had to get off very often when I needed food or water, thank god that I had packed Snacks from Rajkot railway station. When you plan to travel from Rajkot-Coimbatore Train, keep ready your snacks bag also.

See you, will back with new sharing. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to GIR


Good Morning

Friends, Today I have completed the seminar in Trichy and returning back home tonight. Let me share with you something about Trichy.

Tiruchirapally was spelt as Trichinopoly in the records of British India, also called Tiruchi or Trichy, is the city in Indian state Tamil nadu. Trichy is at the 5 hours distance of Chennai and 2 hours from Madurai. (Source: - Wikipedia)

I travelled by train to catch the flight from Ahmedabad on 20th last week. After getting off at Ahmedabad railway station I had fortune to attend morning Jamatkhana at Kalupur. I offered my prayers and resumed the journey. I reached Ahmedabad airport and co-indecently I met with Mr. Noorali who is an Ismaili as well as past participant of ConnectIT workshop of Rajkot. He was also travelling towards Chennai. We chat for some time while we were standing in boarding queue you know there’s a saying Hindi “
एक से भले दो

Ahmedabad to Chennai total travelling time 2 hours and 10 minutes if you are travelling by any good airlines. I felt same hot whether after reaching Chennai which I had experienced last month also. I had to catch train from Egmore railway station so; I reached there before time rest for some time. The Chennai-Trichy journey time is almost 6 hours by train. The journey was not appropriate as I was going to reach at my destination midnight 1 a.m. so that I was not able to sleep properly as well. But thank God after reaching I had enough rest and time to recharge myself for workshop which was scheduled to start very next day.

Yeah! Again had nice group at Trichy, I admire the people of Trichy for their good behavior. This time the sessions were at Bharathidasan University. I had well time during sessions by the grace of the god. I Liked the local food especially Tomato and Mint rice. There are many hotels and restaurants near central bus station of Trichy, the local transport you find is share auto or you can hire auto but you required better bargaining skills.... That's it!!

Tonight leaving for home. Wishing and praying for comfortable journey.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Trichy Trip


Good Evening Friends...

I am resuming my TamilNadu journey from tomorrow Insha'Allah after few days rest at home. Last month I was at Madurai and prior it Chennai. I caught by fever that time so I had time to recover and become fresh during these holidays at home. 

Last trip-Madurai was fabulous. Had food of various restaurant and had fortune to visit king Thirumalai Nayak palace amd attended lighting show over there. I thank Mr. Narendran Thirugnanam and Mr. Arul Sa for warm dinner treat.

After coming home, I was engrossed  all these days in work for newly home which is under construction. Tomorrow, I am leaving home for Trichy for 3rd connectIT workshop of Tamilnadu.

Friends, will share about  Trichy soon.....

Good Night

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Temple of Lord Shiva-Chennai
Hello Friends,

Today early morning we (Myself & Vikas Sir) reached at Madurai-Tamilnadu after travelling shortfall yesterday as our train ticket was not got confirmed after chart preparation as well, so we traveled by bus. We had checked out our room at 3 PM as we were going to railway station and our train was scheduled at 5:30 PM but when we checked PNR status from reception before 2 hours of train departure it showed not confirmed! Then we had to rush towards Koyembedu omni bus station for ticket booking and we got ticket in Madurai Radha travels.

Chennai stay was pretty good. It was too hot weather over there. Chennai seemed busy city as this is one of the mega cities of India. If you are new to Chennai then auto driver may charge you more than actual. you should have bargaining skills to travel by auto in Chennai. You can book fast track cab service on phone or else have prepaid taxi.

Workshop went very well by grace of the God. We had different restaurant taste during our stay. Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Ananda Bavan, Hot Chips are the various suggestions which you can visit for good food. I missed to have Biryani at Tallapakatti on last day as was caught by cold and cough. I will make sure to go there when I'll visit Chennai next time.

Will give updates whenever possible... Stay tuned to Suhana Safar. Missing my family...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time for Tamilnadu

Good Afternoon Friendz,

Today, I am resuming my ConnectIT tour after two weeks of the completion of Gandhinagar IT workshop. During this break I had good fortune to take sessions with youth for Agakhan NGO in Porbunder-Gujarat this time. It was really amazing experience with youth. I had been there after 3 years of period so, it was time to meet ex colleagues as well. I personally thank Mr. Sairozbhai for their wonderful support in all terms. I also thank Agakhan-Southern Saurashtra NGO for giving me such a beautiful opportunity. I enjoyed Porbunder’s famous street Chinese once again after long-long time.

I utilized my time to work for my progressive home building work in my native as well as I had time to celebrate Imamat Day festival with my family. I had never celebrated any festival since last a year with my family! So, this time the God made it possible.

This time my destination is Chennai. We are going to start IT workshops in Tamilnadu after successfully completion in Gujarat, Karnataka & Delhi by grace of the God. I hope and pray for comfortable trip, work, situations and beautiful moments over-there.

Inshaallah, will back with new sharing. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Going Back from Gandhinagar

Hello, Everyone

Just, I have completed the ConnectIT workshop with NGO professionals of Gandhinagar at LDRP MCA college. I have been in Gandhinagar since a week and very pleased to explore it. Really city of peace, nobody in hurry and quiet place to stay. Here we were staying in college guest house and we visited hotels like 'Sajan', 'Pathikashram' twice for Gujarati & Punjabi cuisine. I personally recommend to visit 'Pathikashram' when you'll be in Gandhinagar.

Workshop was good as usual by grace of  the God. Tonight leaving and going back home. Planning to go Porbunder-Gujarat for a session with youth over there on Sunday, Inshaallah...

See You...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Different Places, Different People

Good evening friends,

You might be thinking why this title has been placed? In fact I am going to share my last week outing experience with you so, this time I am focusing on few people who live in different places and having different nature. First of I would like to start this blog post  with thanks to Mr. Shantilal and Mr. Ashiq from Ahmedabad for their great hospitality. I had been in Ahmedabad for a day then moved to Anand for two days workshop and finally I had been in Surat for last 3 days. During that time I had great opportunity to discuss the subject 'Spirituality' with hundreds of youth. I enjoyed those sessions. I am also thankful to the audience who admired my sessions and invited me to visit again their place.

The one only thing I want to share with you today is, I met few people who was having a lot of attitude problem and by this nature somewhere they are creating problems and harming others! They are treating like the great personalities by way of interacting and dealing with other people but great personalities defined by heart, nature and deeds. They should keep in mind this! May God bless them... 

Overall, I enjoyed journey, sessions and stay! I got few time which I had spent with my dearones. Going Gandhinagar next week than again Karnataka.

Thank U

Friday, June 3, 2011

Delhi Trip

Hallo... Friednz,

Today is the last day of my Delhi trip. It was again a fruitful journey and also successful completion of Delhi ConnectIT workshop. I have spent 6 days over here and had pleasant stay at Lajpat Nagar and also got time to visit  the best restaurants & market.

I reached at Delhi on Sunday evening after long journey from South to North and had to take enough rest to charge up myself for the Workshop which was scheduled from 31st May. Last Monday, I visited Nasscom foundation's Delhi office and was very glad to meet the staff. Secondly, few participants of Delhi first  workshop also came to meet me so, was happy to see them again. Workshop was organised at 'The India Habitate Centre' near Jawaharalal Nehru Stadium. Habitate Centre is very beautiful place with large area of building and restaurant as well.

On very first day, We got participants more than expected so few of the participants had to attend my session's first two hours without getting chair to sit! and two participants among of them came to me in lunch break and shared, "Sir, We were planning to leave workshop as the theory room was full of the participants, people were not able to sit properly, so we assumed the session won't be gone effective! but after attending first half of your session, we'll come and attend all the remaining days." This sharing made me happy as people are appreciating my sessions. This thing won't be possible without the grace of the God... Thank you God! I became satisfied when I saw the satisfaction on the learner's faces. This is my true earnings.

So, finally leaving tonight for home as having few day off and Inshaallah will resume the journey as Gandhinagar & Gulbarga workshops have been scheduled this month. I thank shubhrajyoti for all things, specially for introducing shwarma to me ...

Thanks for love...

Friday, May 27, 2011


Hallo, Friends...

After TDP-Mumbai, I am in Mysore since last five days and exploring the historical city after the sessions at evenings. I am finding the city very quiet and peaceful, no traffic inside the city as all major companies and industrial units have situated outside of the city. The noon is very hot and morning and evening’s environment is pleasant. 

I am at National Institute of Engineering-College (NIE) and delivering various sessions on IT and Software to NGO people of Mysore. Met new people once again and happy to interact with them. Having Karnataka style food in Lunch every day, I have tasted tomato rice, yellow rice, curd rice, besi beli baath etc. which is common food in lunch over here.

On Wednesday, I experienced season’s first rain in Mysore early morning and rain made weather too very cold. I have completed 4 days in Connect IT workshop here and leaving Mysore for Delhi tonight for another  connect IT workshop over there from next Tuesday. I’m hoping for great time in Delhi as well.

In Mysore I have visited so many restaurants, hotels & snack shops with colleague Mr. Shubhrajyoti Bhowmik-Program Manager of Nasscom foundation Delhi. We visited RRR-The Andhra style food, Biryani paradise, Downtown etc. We also tasted Mysore’s popular street food-paratha and kurma. Last night we went at ‘Fish land’ the highway hotel and had our dinner over there, but while returning back didn’t get any auto and we had to walk for 2 kms to find the auto. I enjoyed my Mysore trip and successfully completed the workshop. Thank U God...

Now, planning to visit Mysore palace and having train at 8 pm as well…

Bye-Bye Mysore…

Friday, May 13, 2011

Intellectual Ride Resumes

Hi friends, Session series is going to begin on various topics and with various people from 13th May, 2011 onwards. After 10 days of holiday at home, now going to Chitrawad-Gujarat for 2 days seminar with youth and then going to Mumbai-Maharashtra for workshop with teachers. After completing it having series of ConnectIT workshops in Karnataka & Delhi last week of current month... This year also will celebrate my birthday far away from home...!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Rajkot TDP Group
Hallo Friends, Once again I am here with sharing of my journey experience. Yesterday evening I came back home after completing the Teachers Development Program at Rajkot. As I have shared with you earlier that TDP is the program where I most like to serve and interact with people. Every year I spare time for this event and I got the time for this year as well. I was in religious environment for 10 days and interacted with almost 40 teachers in various 4 sessions.

While I was travelling towards Rajkot on 20th Evening, I was thinking about my colleagues who are not coming Rajkot this time with whom I am working since 2007 and was hoping for best to work with new faculties. At last I am happy to work with new people who have great intelligence in various fields; here I would like to admire those people with whom I have worked very first time and I am impressed with their work, Creativity and nature. New people like Shaheen, Rozmin and Sahil had shared session with me and I can’t forget Farah and Afzal as well who were with me since eve of the TDP! They all did their best and the other side I had company of experienced people like KG, Shirin, Nargis and Meghna with whom I have started my TDP journey. Overall it was great team to work. I had great time throughout the TDP and blessed to visit two more Jamatkhanas of Rajkot, Akashdeep and Raiya Road with my group.

Regarding my group, we were 10 members in our group and everybody was having good and calm nature. I am thankful to them for their respect and honour. I have seen the emotion and feelings when I left the group at the end of program. I value their feelings once again I thank them for care and love. I felt like my family being in group and was surrounded by group mates like my family members. I shall never forget these days. The memorable time in Rajkot was to roam with colleagues and get together with teachers formally or informally.

During these days I had all kind of food-cuisines like Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian and Chinese at Hotel Kavery. The very worst time of program was departure when everybody was sank into emotions and made many people cry. I know this is the special bond which made us unique. After living from the camp I reached to Rajkot railway station and came to know that train was running two hours late and I cancelled my ticket and rushed towards bus station. It was my luck and God wish that the Bus of my village was at the platform and it had more 15 minutes to depart. I got into the bus and got call from Afzal that he is near bus station area and coming to meet me as I had not met him when I depart. At last he and Sahil came and met me and then I depart for my home. While travelling I got couple of messages from my group mates to farewell me and one of the them was from Mitul bhai which was saying Miss U Sir…

Really it was the best camp in my history! I also miss you all… Inshaallah will meet soon… Amen. Take Care

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rajkot Tour Begins


Rajkot tour begins from next Wednesday, 20th April, 2011. This time travelling Rajkot for Agakhan NGO and going to attend TDP-Teachers Development Program where I am supposed to deliver sessions toward new teachers apart IT. This will be my fifth TDP of my career and first program for Agakhan NGO in the beginning of my 11th year of service. I have just completed 10 years of volunteering in Agakhan NGO in previous month.

I have been asked to attend the program prior two months and had given my confirmation as well but that time I was not too sure to attend it or not as my Mysore-Karnataka ConnectIT workshop’s dates was crossing with TDP dates and it was decided to go Mysore but on 15th evening I got information from Mr. Vikas-Nasscom foundation that Mysore ConnectIT is called off and then I came to a decision that Finally going Rajkot.

Planning to reach Rajkot on 20th Evening and then will have 10 days of interaction with the participants who are in the process to become teachers. There are so many memories connected with TDPs and if I will have to choose best TDP then I will go with TDP May-2008, Ritz Inn Ahmedabad. It was my first TDP as a faculty and had great knowledgeable experience with fun during those days. Every time come in contact with so many new people who have different type of capacities, skills and creativities. This is the time to meet past colleagues and willing to see them  once again but don't know how many among of them attending the camp but hoping for best time in TDP. Inshaallah...

I don’t know whether I will be able to post my experience on air during my Rajkot stays or not? B'coz there will be whole day sessions and have to study in free time as my exam follows in May first week! I will share my travel and stay experience whenever possible for me. Stay Tuned @ Suhana Safar.

Thank You…

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Scheduled Engagements & Exam Time...


Now days, I am busy with my studies apart my tours. My exam has been scheduled in the month of May. After completing Karnataka-second round I have started the preparation for my exam but the journeys are ON and will be continued and at the other side having expected ConnectIT tours and sessions with NGO professionals at Mysore and Gulbarga (Karnataka) as well as also having Tentative tours and sessions for Agakhan NGO at Rajkot and Dhandhuka (Gujarat).

I am interacting with people via my IT Blog and sharing IT skills. I will continue to do this during off tours also. So, I will get back on this blog  with new updates and sharing when I will resume my tours. 

Happy and pleasant summer all of you...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Musafir Hoon Yaaron…

Hallo friends, Holi greetings from Karim

I have come back again with new sharing, experiences from my journey. One more connectIT workshop has been completed at Bangalore on 18th. It was second workshop in Bangalore and 4th in Karnataka. It was nice to be again in IT city Bangalore after 2 months. This time we were at Domlur at Amarjyoti layout. We (Me and Mr. Vikas) stayed at service apartment ‘Serenity INN’ which we found like the home stay as we were getting food like home and this stay made us enable to get simple roti, sabji and dal, chawal. It is difficult to find food like this at outside of home. We avoided go out for dinner in different hotel after completion of day as well but we had various varieties of south in our lunch at training centre.  It was our fortune to had training centre at the opposite side of our stay, so there was not needed to wake up early and travel towards training centre in mornings. This time also I met new people and interact with them four days. I have been interacting with people of Karnataka since January and I must say the people of Karnataka are having kind hearts and helping nature as I have personally experienced. I would like to thank Mr. Anish Kumar for the valuable gifted book. 

Few sharing from return journey:

I had train on 18th at 8:10PM from Bangalore city railway station. Station was at the distance of 8.5 KMs from our stay and I had to leave before 2 hours of train as heavy traffic in middle of the city. I left stay at 5:30 PM and passed the traffic and reached Bangalore city railway station before time and packed my dinners and snacks for next day and got into the train. As I was tired, I slept early after dinner and woke up at 8:00AM at Wadi station and spent my whole day in the train. After reaching Mumbai caught train for Navsari and reached there at midnight. This way I completed my trip of Karnataka.

Looking forward to celebrate NAVROZ with Family.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feel Like Home?

It’s not possible for anybody to feel like home at other’s place… Home is unique place for everybody and all like their own home though they stay in someone’s beautiful bungalow for few days as well as all like food of their own home whether they used to visit various cuisines. Same feel which I’m having…

As I always being in travelling I used to have food outside of home but always I miss the food of my home. Sometimes we have to have food in hotels as there is no other option is available! I am travelling for ConnectIT programs and have to take meal in hotels or in service apartments, but missing the home made food. Today I have reached at Bangalore and I had my breakfast and lunch where we are staying. After Delhi stay I found food taste and quality like home at SERENITY INN. Hoping the same quality for next 5 days.

But, I am missing my home food yet!

Hubli Experience

I remember the time 21:30 IST on 6th March when I was supposed to catch the train ‘Chalukya Express’ from Dadar station’s central line for Hubli and till 21:28 I hadn’t reached on platform no 8 as I was travelling from Vasai (Western line) in Church gate local  of 20:15. When I got off from local train at Dadar at 21:22, it became more complicated for me to change the line western to central and find the platform no. 8 in very short time as there were not any sign boards, markings! I was in hurry and moving fastly towards the platform where train already had been arrived as Salima was prompting me! Once I thought that “I’ll miss train tonight” but suddenly I saw sign board which was indicating platform direction and ran towards it. I saw the train and reached there. Train was going to depart within next 2 minutes and I had to reach coach no. A1 besides the engine but I was not in position to cross all coaches i.e. general followed by 8 sleepers and 2 third ACs! As I was feeling tired after rushed to platform no. 8 and  I forgot to bring water bottle in hurry as well So, I thought to get in into S1 and walk towards to coach A1 into the train. At last I reached A1 and slept until Hubli arrived next day.

As I have shared my journey experience above, I reached Hubli after struggling to catch the train. But it was pleasant stay at Ananth Executive-Hubli and enjoyed taking sessions at B.V. Bhoomarradi engineering college with NGO professionals and also visited Deshpande foundation and got overview of their programs and activities.

During the stay, I had various cuisine foods including Karnataka’s traditional food as well. There was mix whether which I had experienced, very hot at noon and felt cool at nights. Thank You Sanjiv for tasting us the famous Thakur Pedha of Dharwad-Hubli.

This way I completed my 9th ConnectIT and reached at Bangalore Once Again…

Monday, March 7, 2011

Arrival at Hubli

Hallo, Today noon, I have reached at Hubli-Karnataka for ConnectIT workshop after visiting family and relatives at Navsari-Surat. There are so many things to share with you regarding my this going on journey. I will back soon with with my sharing but right now only one thing to say... "Missing my dear one" See you...

Monday, February 28, 2011

Leher Experience

Tonight, I returned back from Rajkot after attending LEHER seminar and one more intellectual ride came to the end. As I had shared with you in my previous post that it was seminar which I was waiting for long time and by the grace of god I got chance to fulfill my wish in Rajkot. I attended the seminar as a student and really LEHER trip memories will be considered and added as most memorable moments in my journeys. This trip was fruitful as it has increased the understandings of so many things which I had learnt in the past. The experience as a student was entertaining. I enjoyed seminar with my past colleagues and recalled my previous days which I had spent with them. It was also a platform to meet those people whom I hadn’t met since 2008. Some of them also amazed to see me in center.

This was a group journey so; it reminded me my trips which I had with them while I was working with AKDN. We started on Thursday evening from Veraval and caught the train for Rajkot. It was filled with fun and entertainment. When we were crossing Junagadh, we decided to order the Junagadh’s famous Samosas outside from the station through one of the friend and we did so! After reaching Junagadh we got the packed parcel of hot & spicy Samosas and cold drinks and we had Samosas when train started to move for Rajkot. You know we get this type of moments very rarely in life so it is advisable to utilize such like moments. We reached Rajkot at night and departed for our hotels where we were supposed to live next 3 days.Very next day seminar began and had knowledgeable 3 days.

Today noon I started return journey once again with same group by bus. Very hardly we got the bus form Rajkot to Junagadh. Generally non-stop buses take less than 2 hours to reach Junagadh from Rajkot, but it had taken almost 2 hours 30 minutes for the same. At last we got off from the bus at Junagadh bus station and started to search the bus for Talala. It was our bad luck that there were not any buses! I came to know that the Bhavnath Mela (Fair) is being going on in Girnar and the buses was engaged for the fair. We waited for some time and fortunately we got private vehicle and rushed to home. Almost mobiles were engaged to see the live score for Ind-Eng cricket match of WC 2011. As India had bat well so I thought to rush home quickly to see IInd innings but everybody knows the tragedy, drama of the match! Match ended into tie.

This way one more intellectual journey came to end… I will have rest for 2 days and will leave Sangodra for Navsari on Wednesday Inshaallah and will continue my journeys toward ConnecIT Karnataka.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi friends, Today visiting Rajkot for a training purpose. This time's journey is having different  purpose as I am attending this program as a student not as a faculty! I am getting the opportunity to attend any seminar to learn something after almost 3 years! Very eager for this program as I am going to meet my past colleagues and friends once again with  learning environment. This is the program for which I was waiting for long time, in past I have missed the opportunity to attend same program in Mumbai as was engrossed in ConnectIT Workshop in Ahmedabad and thank god to make me enable to attend the program in my holidays. Hoping for best discussions in LEHER and inshaallah will have good time for next 3 days in Rajkot. Will back with travel sharing very soon...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

અ વીક ઇન બેલગામ

૧૫મી જાન્યુઆરીના રોજ મે મારી મુસાફરીની શરૂઆત સૌરાષ્ટ્ર મેઇલ દ્વારા કરી અને ૧૬મી ના રોજ વહેલી સવારે દાદર થી કલ્યાણ એમ સેંટ્રલ લાઇનમાં મુંબઈની જીવાદોરી સમાન લોકલ ટ્રેન માં પ્રવાસને આગળ ધપાવ્યો. કલ્યાણમાં મારે નાસ્કૉમ ફાઉંડેશન ના મેનેજર શ્રી વિકાસ કાંબળે ને ઘરે જવાનું હતું અને કલ્યાણ થી જ તે રાત્રે મારે અને વિકાસભાઈને બેલગામની ટ્રેન ચાલુક્ય એક્સપ્રેસ લેવાની હતી. વિકાસભાઈ ને ત્યાં જઈને ઘણું સારું લાગ્યું, તેમના કુટુંબીજનોને મળીને આનંદ થયો. તેમને ત્યાં મળેલા સન્માન બદલ હું તેમનો ઋણી રહીશ.

૧૭મી ના સવારે અમે બેલગામ રેલ્વે સ્ટેશન પર આવ્યા અને ત્યાં થી ઓટો લઈ બેલગામના તિલકવાડી વિસ્તારમાં KLE કોલેજના ગેસ્ટ હાઉસમાં જ્યાં અમને ઉતારો આપવામાં આવ્યો હતો ત્યાં પહોચ્યા. બેલગામ એ કર્ણાટક નું ટાઉન છે જે મહારાષ્ટ્ર અને કર્નાટક ની સીમા સમાન છે. ત્યાં ના લોકો મરાઠી, કનડ અને હિન્દી ભાષાઓ જાણે છે. અને હાં અંગ્રેજી બોલવાવાળા તો ખરાં જ !

ઉતારા માટે આપવામાં આવેલ ફ્લૅટ ખુબજ સુંદર જગ્યામાં હતો કે જેના ટેરેસ પરથી પૂરા બેલગામ ને નિહાળી શકાતું હતું, બાજુ માથી પસાર થતી રેલ્વે લાઇન પૂરા વિસ્તારને તેની વિસલ વડે ગુંજાવતી હતી. ટ્રેન નું પસાર થવાનું દ્રશ્ય જોવા લાયક હતું. આરામ કરી અમે KLE એંજીન્યરિંગ કોલેજ પહોંચ્યા કે જેની લેબમાં ૪ દિવસ અમારો કનેક્ટ આઇ.ટી. વર્કશૉપ થવાનો હતો. લેબ ના ઈલેક્ટ્રોનિક સાધનો ના ચેકિંગ અને સોફ્ટવેર અપડેટેશન માટે અમારે પ્રથમ દિવસ ફાળવવો પડે છે. પ્રથમ દિવસે બપોરે અમે કોલેજ કેન્ટીન માં રાજસ્થાની થાળી જમ્યા, સાત્વિક અને સ્વાદિષ્ટ ખોરાક લાગ્યો. રાજસ્થાની સ્વાદ થોડાં અંશે ગુજરાતી સ્વાદને મળતો આવે છે. તો બસ આમ અમારા કનેક્ટ આઇ.ટી. વર્કશૉપની શરૂઆત થઈ.

આ વખતે પણ ઘણા નવા લોકો મળ્યા, તેઓ માના કોઈ કનડ હતા, મલયાલી હતા, મરાઠી હતા તો કોઈ વળી ગુજરાતી મૂળ નું પણ મળ્યું ખરું! અપેક્ષા મુજબ ખુબજ સારો વર્કશૉપ રહ્યો. ૪ દિવસ દરમિયાન બેલગામ ની ઘણી જગ્યાઓ જવા મળ્યું, જમવા માટે તિલકવાડીમાં જ અર્પણ નામની એક હોટેલ સારી લાગી તો ત્યાં જ જમવાનું નક્કી કર્યું. એક દિવસ તે જ વિસ્તારમાં આવેલ પિક એંડ પૅક હોટેલ માં ગયો, તે હોટેલ નોન વેજ આઇટમ માટે પ્રખ્યાત છે. ચિકન ટિક્કા, ચિકન કબાબ તેના મુખ્ય આકર્ષણની વાનગીઓ છે. ત્યાં જમવાની મજા આવી. અગર ક્યારે પણ તમારે બેલગામ જવાનું થાય તો ત્યાં જમવા જવાનું ના જ ભૂલતા!

બીજું, KLE કોલેજ નું બિલ્ડિંગ બહુ જ વિશાળ છે. આગળના ભાગ માં સુંદર ગાર્ડન છે જેમાં મે ફોટો શુટ કર્યા, લોકેશન રળિયામણું હોવાથી ફોટો ખુબજ સારા આવે છે. આપ મારા KLE ના ફોટો ફેસબુક પર જોઈ શકશો. ગુરુવારે વિકાસભાઈ સાથે સાઈ મંદિરે ગયો, તેઓ દર્શન કરવા ગયા ત્યારે હું ત્યાં ઊભીને દર્શન માટે આવી રહેલા ભક્તોને નિહાળી રહ્યો હતો. ગુરુવાર હોવાથી મંદિરમાં બહુ ભીડ હતી. કેહવાય છે કે સાઈ મંદિરમાં દર ગુરુવારે બહુ ભીડ હોય છે. પણ તેવી ભીડમાં પણ મંદિરે આવી પૂજા કરતાં અને દર્શન કરતાં લોકોને જોય આનંદ ઉપજયો. વળી, બેલગામ માં ફરવા માટે ફોર્ટ (કિલ્લો) પણ પ્રખ્યાત છે, કોઈ એક વિદ્યાર્થી એ અમને સૂચવ્યું કે બેલગામ આવ્યા છો તો ફોર્ટ પણ જજો. અમે ત્યાં જવાનું વિચાર્યું પણ ત્યાં અમે ફરી વળ્યા પણ કિલ્લો ના દેખાયો! છેવટે એક સુરક્ષકર્મી ને અમે પુછ્યું, ભાઈ, (ફોર્ટ) કિલ્લો ક્યાં છે?’ તે સાંભળીને મલકાયો અને કહ્યું, સાહેબ, અહી કોઈ કિલ્લો નથી! પણ આ જગ્યા ને બેલગામ ફોર્ટ તરીકે ઓળખવામાં આવે છે. જોયુને ખબર ના હોય તો આમ થાય! પણ ફોર્ટ વિસ્તાર માં જવાથી અમને એ જગ્યા જોવા મળી કે જ્યાં સ્વામિ વિવેકાનંદજી પોતાની બેલગામ મુલાકાત દરમ્યાન રોકાયા હતા, આજે તે જગ્યા પર ખુબજ સુંદર મંદિર છે અને તે રૂમ પણ છે કે જ્યાં સ્વામીજી રોકાયા હતા. એકંદરે અમારી કિલ્લા ની મુલાકાત સફળ રહી!

શુક્રવારે મારે રિટર્ન આવવાનું હતું, બેલગામ ની કૈંપ પુરોહિતની સ્વીટ્સ (મીઠાઇ) વખણાય છે તો ખરીદી કરી અને સાંગોદ્રાં રિટર્ન આવવા નીકળ્યો. મારી રિટર્ન મુસાફરી ૩ ટ્રિપમાં હતી. પહેલા બેલગામ થી વોલ્વો બસ દ્વારા ૨૨ ના સવારના દાદર પહોંચ્યો અને મુંબઈ સેંટ્રલ ગયો ત્યાંથી સૌરાષ્ટ્ર એક્સપ્રેસ માં અમદાવાદ સુધીનું બૂકિંગ હતું. રાત્રે અમદાવાદ આવીને મોતી મહલ માં જમવા જવાનું વિચાર્યું. વેરાવળ માટે સોમનાથ એક્સપ્રેસ માં બૂકિંગ હતું. ટ્રેન માં બેસતા જ એક ફૅમિલી મળ્યું કે જેઓ કર્નાટક થી સોમનાથ દર્શન માટે જઈ રહ્યા હતા. તેઓને સોમનાથ માટે થોડી માહિતી જોઈતી હતી માટે તેઓને પ્રવાસ અંગે ની બધી માહિતીઑ આપી. ।।અતિથિ દેવો ભવ।। સારું લાગે છે જ્યારે કોઈ કહે છે કે તમે ભાગ્યશાળી છો કે ભગવાન ની ભૂમિ ગુજરાત માં રહો છો! સાચે ગુજરાતના અને એમાં પણ ગીરના રહેવાસી હોવા માટે ગર્વ છે!

આમ, મારી આ સફર પૂર્ણ થઈ અને હવે ન્યુ સિટી, ન્યુ બિગીનિંગ! આવજો...

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back From Bengaluru

Greetings From Karim!!!

Today, I just returned back from Bangalore connectIT tour. It was my first trip of Karnataka and second of south India. It was nice to be there with Bangalore people… I found Bangalore people very supportive and warm. There were many questions in mind regarding new place which I was going to visit but at the end when I reached there I felt like home. It was my pleasure to conduct 4 full day sessions in English language as the people of Karnataka are not used to with Hindi. So, I was surrounded by English environment and feeling like I am in foreign!

Secondly, it was a week trip and I was mentally prepared to have food in south Indian style as I am used to with Kathiyawadi food only. I missed Gujarati traditional food which my mummy serves me every day but It was my good luck to have butter milk in Bangalore although I like the style food of south India which is mild, less oily and spicy. The Curd Rise, Rasam-Bhath, Bagla Bhath, Idili-Sambhar, Mendu Wada, Dhosas are few items which were served to me during my stay. I liked taste of Rasam and asked for recipe to one participant as well. 

I travelled in Karnataka’s state transport bus few time and found them with too good facilities one of them is ST buses with television sets and and also the air conditioned Volvo bus service from Airport to city is Awesome. Once, I travelled in a ST bus which hadn’t any conductor! Surprise na?? Yes the driver was playing two roles, when anybody gets in into the bus the driver was providing tickets to them and at the get off time he was shouting for stations. It seemed new as I have not seen this type of service in Gujarat.ಅವಶ್ಯವಾಘಿ ಕೊಡುತೆನೆ Yeah!!! Again it was journey where I gained lots of knowledge, ideas and new friends.

I felt too much tired in returned journey as the journey was near about 40 hours.Now, Spending time with family and at the end of this weekend going Belguam for another IT workshop among of Karnataka series.

Good Night!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Tour 2010
We have welcomed 20Eleven with grand celebrations and 20Ten has departed and left so many precious moments with us. Last year has made so many changes in my life!!! I will never forget 2010 as I have got so many happy moments from it! Moments which are gifted by the God and which will be with me for my lifetime Insha’Allah… Join me, I shall take you on tour of 'MY 2010...'

January, It was 24th when  I started providing sessions in ITREB’s new program-‘Behavior Modification’ with parents and at the end of 2010 I become able to conduct 16 workshops with about more than 1050 parents across the Gujarat. It was great honor to deal with people who are experienced parents and by this sessions I advanced my learning on parenting, child, adolescent, adult psychology etc. January was month of shopping, My sister and myself done the shopping for my engagement in this month. 

February, Yes of course, the month of my engagement! I got engaged in this month with Asmita at Surat on 7th February. It was first engagement occasion in our family after 1996. I got life partner as I thought. It was very memorable day of 2010. One more incident occurred in this month which gave me new life! This incident has been hidden in bottom of my heart and will be remembered always by myself.

March, the month of celebrations with dear ones! Yes March was the month when I celebrated Holi, Navroz with my fiancée first time along with my sister in Surat. Visit of Dummas-Surat was awesome at the end of the March.

April, The month of achievement! I got certification of multimedia technology for which I was studying in Navsari.

May, Time for vacations! Last summer vacation I spent with my family along with my fiancée at my native. The family of my fiancée also joined us at Sangodra and get together of our both families at our farm house made vacation memorable.  23rd was the day, which is my birthday. I celebrated with joy. I started my M.A. study in May as well.

June – July, the rainy season! As Usual my native was affected by heavy rainfall this time as well. Rain had fallen more than average. During these months I served in teacher development programs in Surat and Ahmedabad. In my teacher’s training programs history, this was the first time when I took 5 training sessions in any single program.

August, The tour of Surat-Navsari! I celebrated 15th Aug. the independence day of India in Surat As I had been there for dealing with 225 parents of Surat in term of Parenting.

September to December, I began trainings in connectIT workshops of NASSCOM foundation from Gujarat. I trained people in Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Baroda, Delhi etc. During this last quarter I came in contact with so many people, made new friends & connections. In month of November, Diwali celebration with family and our new house’ laying ceremony were two major events. but, I missed the celebration of Eid-uz-zuha with family, I celebrated Eid in Baroda far away from fanmily. In December, New Delhi visit for connectIT purpose was fantastic! I missed Salgirah celebration in this month as I was in New Delhi


I would like to thank all my friends and well wishers who were always beside me in 2010. Thank you all for making my 2010 beautiful and meaningful with your presence. I pray and wish may new year brings a lot of happiness for you and your family as well as hoping for same presence of yours in 20Eleven also. Take care… HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY 20ELEVEN