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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Traveled Zalawad after Kutch

Hello friends,

As I shared with you, I had gone to Bhuj (Kutch) earlier this month for a training program where I met my colleagues once again. I have already shared the details about Kutch in my last post. Today, I am sharing about  new city situated in Gujarat named 'Surendranagar'


Surendranagar is also known as gateway to Saurashtra and as Zalawad. Wadhwan is its twin city. There are many places in the city which are good and visit-able. In the places most favorite of the peoples is '"Fatshar Ganpati Mandir" and Dholidhaja Dam Both places of the city Having large numbers of visitors. in the centre of City there is Tagore Baug situated. Near GIDC wadhvan Rotary Garden is situated. Fly Over bridge near Medical college is also good place to watch Sun Set scene.

There is only one place in the whole Gujarat containing two clock towers excattly in opposite position at Tower Road. There are two clock towers, one is the Ajramar Tower (City Tower/Tower in Tanki chowk) and the another one is the clock tower of Town Hall.

One good place containing lots of trees called Vruksh Mandir (Tree Temple) situated on Muli/Rajkot Highway. Another good place in the Surendranagar is Mandir of Meladi Maa's. It is the center of faith of many peoples. In the end area of Ratanpar there is the Temple of Rameshvar Mahadev is also good in art and structure. (Wikis)

Surendranagar is famous for its Farsan (Fried snacks). I just found the street roads required to be repaired. It behaved badly with me in rainy season as now roads have ditches everywhere. But, it was nice to be in Surendranagar first time. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring Farsans with me.