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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Experience GIR


Want to experience the Jungle village life, Experience Gir!

Asiatic Lion Home - GIR
GIR falls under Kathiyawad which is one of region of Gujarat.  There are so many villages round the GIR and having a lot to explore; food, attributes, houses, streets, temples, festivals, living style, shops, language etc. People of GIR live in tribes and by profession most of farmers and generally male persons work in the farms and female members manages house hold this, they also manage and milk animals like buffalo & cows and take the milk to village dairies though sometimes female members also join them in field work as well. Few people are having small shops or they do vendor work.

Food is the specialty of this area. People of village are used to have Kathiyawadi and Gujarati traditional food in their meals. Their breakfast is tasty, in Gujarati they say, Thepla, Khakhra, Rotli/Bhakhri (Wheat baked Bread), Danhi (Curd) Gud-Ghee (Farm made Jaggery), Athanu (Seasonal Pickles) Murraba (Homemade fruit Jam) Khaman, Fafda, Jalebi (sweet) & Tea. They take Dal (Gram Pulse Dal), Chawal (Steamed or Jeera Rice), Shaak/Subji (Vegetable main curry), Sambhara (Cooked Salad), Kathol Subji (Pulse curry) Papad (Black gram baked starter) in lunch and in dinner they take Bajrano Rotlo (Millet Bread), Kadhi-Khichadi, Subji like Sev-Tomato, Ringna no Oro (Crushed Brinjal traditional recipe).

It is hundreds time better to stay at village homes than the hotels to experience GIR life very closely... come and experience the GIR Village life...