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Monday, February 28, 2011

Leher Experience

Tonight, I returned back from Rajkot after attending LEHER seminar and one more intellectual ride came to the end. As I had shared with you in my previous post that it was seminar which I was waiting for long time and by the grace of god I got chance to fulfill my wish in Rajkot. I attended the seminar as a student and really LEHER trip memories will be considered and added as most memorable moments in my journeys. This trip was fruitful as it has increased the understandings of so many things which I had learnt in the past. The experience as a student was entertaining. I enjoyed seminar with my past colleagues and recalled my previous days which I had spent with them. It was also a platform to meet those people whom I hadn’t met since 2008. Some of them also amazed to see me in center.

This was a group journey so; it reminded me my trips which I had with them while I was working with AKDN. We started on Thursday evening from Veraval and caught the train for Rajkot. It was filled with fun and entertainment. When we were crossing Junagadh, we decided to order the Junagadh’s famous Samosas outside from the station through one of the friend and we did so! After reaching Junagadh we got the packed parcel of hot & spicy Samosas and cold drinks and we had Samosas when train started to move for Rajkot. You know we get this type of moments very rarely in life so it is advisable to utilize such like moments. We reached Rajkot at night and departed for our hotels where we were supposed to live next 3 days.Very next day seminar began and had knowledgeable 3 days.

Today noon I started return journey once again with same group by bus. Very hardly we got the bus form Rajkot to Junagadh. Generally non-stop buses take less than 2 hours to reach Junagadh from Rajkot, but it had taken almost 2 hours 30 minutes for the same. At last we got off from the bus at Junagadh bus station and started to search the bus for Talala. It was our bad luck that there were not any buses! I came to know that the Bhavnath Mela (Fair) is being going on in Girnar and the buses was engaged for the fair. We waited for some time and fortunately we got private vehicle and rushed to home. Almost mobiles were engaged to see the live score for Ind-Eng cricket match of WC 2011. As India had bat well so I thought to rush home quickly to see IInd innings but everybody knows the tragedy, drama of the match! Match ended into tie.

This way one more intellectual journey came to end… I will have rest for 2 days and will leave Sangodra for Navsari on Wednesday Inshaallah and will continue my journeys toward ConnecIT Karnataka.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi friends, Today visiting Rajkot for a training purpose. This time's journey is having different  purpose as I am attending this program as a student not as a faculty! I am getting the opportunity to attend any seminar to learn something after almost 3 years! Very eager for this program as I am going to meet my past colleagues and friends once again with  learning environment. This is the program for which I was waiting for long time, in past I have missed the opportunity to attend same program in Mumbai as was engrossed in ConnectIT Workshop in Ahmedabad and thank god to make me enable to attend the program in my holidays. Hoping for best discussions in LEHER and inshaallah will have good time for next 3 days in Rajkot. Will back with travel sharing very soon...