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Friday, September 23, 2011

Coimbatore Trip


Hallo Friendz!

Today, I have successfully completed the ConnectIT 4 day’s workshop at Coimbatore-Tamilnadu. I thank to the God for made me able to deliver best sessions, I also thank participants for their wonderful appreciations. Coimbatore stay was very pleasant. I was with new colleague Mr. Santosh More this time and I found him very supportive and having good nature. Had chance to roam in Coimbatore-Gandhipuram area market twice, It is really best market to shop anything and crowded by people all time.

Regarding workshop, it was nice time once again in Tamilnadu. Now, little bit plan has been changed as Gulbarga-Karnataka workshop is not confirmed yet and hoping that it will be confirmed by tomorrow so, Going Hyderabad tonight. Journey to Hyderabad after 5 years, last visited in September, 2006. Willing to meet cousins and family over there...

C U!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sharing of Kutch and Ongoing Tour

Hi friends, greetings from Karim,

On Saturday, I have started my journey towards Coimbatore-TamiulNadu. Workshop is scheduled from Tuesday, 20th which will end on Friday, 23rd. As per plan having back to back two workshops in this trip Insha’Allah, I will resume my journey from Coimbatore to Gulbarga-Karnataka next weekend. 

I am writing this post after so many days as was busy with other tasks. I was engrossed in new home interior as well as my wedding’s shopping. 

After Trichy, last month I was on ITREB tour of Mundara and Bhuj-Kutch for two days where I had taken sessions with youth and enjoyed a lot. I met my past colleagues and students as well. I got chance to visit The Agakhan school, which was built by Agakhan III Sir Sultan Mohd. Shah in 1905. This is the first Agakhan School among of today’s almost 300 Agakhan schools built by Agakhan III & IV.

I visited the traditional Danda Bazaar in Bhuj when I was free from sessions as my mummy wanted khutchi Bandhani Odhanis from there so, I shopped numbers of Odhanis and dress materials for my sister and fiancĂ©e. I like the nature of Kutchi people and I praise their way of hospitality. I am thanking Kutch Chairman Rafiqbhai, Salimbhai and Gulambhai for their wonderful help throughout my stay. I also thank the participants of seminar who have appreciated my sessions via FB and messages.

So, waiting for Coimbatore and Gulbarga workshops and looking forward for them. Reached Coimbatore and was having difficulty as train hadn't pantry car so, had to get off very often when I needed food or water, thank god that I had packed Snacks from Rajkot railway station. When you plan to travel from Rajkot-Coimbatore Train, keep ready your snacks bag also.

See you, will back with new sharing.