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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guwahati Trip

Guwahati-Assam, India
Hallo friends,

Today is last day @ Guwahati, Tomorrow again flying home-Gujarat. I stayed 3 days and 4 nights at Guwahati. I reached at airport at 6. 45 PM IST and had to travel more 25 KMs by Car to reach at Guwahati city. I stayed at Hotel Priya Palace in Ullubari (Pronounce as Ooluwari). Guwahati city is largest city of Assam, Having little bit traffic in office hours. If you travelling by flight, leave city before 3 hours of departure.

The sessions were at 
Shishu Sarothi Organization - A training place for disabled children. Shishu Sarothi, a premier Centre for Rehabilitation and Training for Multiple Disability, is a registered non- profit voluntary organization working in the Northeast region of India since 1987. I visited class rooms where disabled students were getting trained. I found trainers and teachers who were helping them to grow up with care and love as normal children do! Indeed, it is very generous work. I appreciate it. One evening I had chance to visit another NGO named Atma Nirbhar where disabled people work to provide bread for their respective families. I visited working area where people was working for packaging tea, flour etc. I am thankful those people for their warm welcome and respect.

Sessions went well, Thank You God. Just I found the professional group was at very basic level. I tried my level best to increase their IT knowledge in provide advance skills. I visited Railway station, Fancy Bazaar and Cloth Market and Assam Tea Traders after completion of 1st and 2nd day in evening. I thank Mr. Kaushik for bringing us at Tea traders.

Here Sun rises too early than Gujarat and sets about at 6 PM. It seems a dark night if you see in sky at 7 PM! Yeah! It is North-East. On evening of 21st, I missed celebration of Navroz (Our New Year) as I was away from home but had prayer in my hotel room. Same evening I enjoyed few showers of rain on road while We (Me & Mr. Santosh) were on the way for Hanuman Temple as He was going for Darshan.

I had food all 3 days in Assamese Style; Rice, Dal, Vegetable. The people are used to have fish with rice like Bengal. I also tried Food of Hotel Priya Palace, on very first day I did not find it well in term of quality as well as price but second day it was ok. I recommend City Dhaba near Hanuman temple for good food. KFC and Mc Donald and branded restaurant are also available nearby area.

So, after reaching home, once again travelling. This Time Surat-Gujarat.

See you soon with New City, New Updates.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Travelling Guwahati

Friends, Today I am travelling to Guwahati (Formerly Gauhati) the largest city of Indian state Assam. The journey is different but, the purpose is same! IT training  for NGO professionals of Guwahati. Going to conduct this ConnectIT workshop on behalf of NASSCOM Foundation-India. This will be mine 126th Seminar and 46th  City where I am doing any seminar.

Guwahati - it is said to be the Gateway of north east region of India. Guwahati is Sanskrit word which English meaning is  city of eastern light. It was the capital of Ancient of Kamarupa. The city has many Hindu temples located within the city. Thus, It is known as "City of Temples". The city is situated between the southern bank of the rive Brahmaputra and the foothills of the Shillong plateau.

Guwahati is a major commercial and educational center of North-East India and is home to world class institutions such as the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and other premier institutions like Gauhati University and Cotton College. The city is also a major center for cultural activities and sports in the North Eastern region and for the administrative and political activities of Assam. The city is also an important hub for transportation in the North East Region.
Guwahati and its environs are also rich in wildlife with several rare mammals such as Asian elephants, Gaur, Tiger and primates. The birdlife in and around the city is also rich and diverse. (Wikis)

This is my longest travel till date around India. From my home to Guwahati, it is 2,840 KMs distance.
Hoping for good time over there, Will miss the Nav'ruz - The New Year Festival of ours on 21st! Insha'allah will back with new updates soon...


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Railway Budget 2012

Hallo friends,

Since Morning, I was waiting for updates on 28th Indian Railway Budget by Mr. Dinesh Trivedi. Not only myself but most of Gujarati travelers wants to know would their wish come true this time or not! I was expecting new directing trains for Delhi, Mumbai and Surat from Verval as there is not any direct train! I used to travel along to Ahmedabad and also hoping for extend frequency in interstate trains for Bihar, Tamilnadu, karnatka etc.

People were also dreaming that Veraval-Ahmedabad intercity express will be extended up to Surat! if it would be happen, benefit for me as well.

Herd that honorable Railway Minister has said to run extra train for wait listed passengers! I am amazed to hear this... Mananiya Mantri Mahoday pehle Extra coaches bhi laga dete hain, to bhi janta ke liye kaafi hai! Hope that this promise come true and let come out from wait list tensions!

Hoping for safe journeys ahead for all..