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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sharing Talaja Trip

Writing this post after two days of my Talaja trip! I am just become able to write my views for last trip. As I have shared in my earlier post, I was supposed to take two sessions with youth. This was new destination for me and I travelled the city first time though the travelling routes were in my mind. There are major three ways to travel Talaja form GIR, all routes reach almost at same time.
  1. Via Talala, Veraval, Kodinar, Una, Timbi, Rajula, Mahuva & Talaja (N.H. 8E)
  2. Via Talala, Jamvala, Una, Timbi, Rajula, Mahuva & Talaja (N.H. 8E from Una)
  3. Via Sasan, Mendarda, Junagadh, Amreli, Bhavnagar & Talaja

I preferred to travel via first option and started my journey on 27th Morning. Got the Bus from Veraval at   11 in morning and reached Talaja by 5:30 in evening.The route was familiar up to Timbi as I have traveled thrice in my history but after Talaja the whole way was new for me. I observed new cities like Rajula, Mahuva and Talaja during the trip. You will witness the damaged roads after Una, Indeed this is the area of work after all it is National Highway no. 8E!

Gurjarnagri Bus
If you are travelling Talaja or Bhavnagar from Veraval, choose bus wisely for comfortable travelling. There are not any private tourist buses on road as the service is not presently available. You have only one option left and this is State Transport Bus! There are few categories in Gujarat State Road Transport Cooperation, Local, Express, Deluxe, Gurjarnagri, Luxury and Sleeper. This route don’t have luxury and sleeper class bus services so you had better to select Gurjarnagri for comfortable travelling as it’s have better seat to sit properly and rest your back. The bus takes almost 6 hours to reach the destination. Porbandar-Bhavnagar, Veraval-Bhavnagar & Mangrol Bhavnagar are the few buses which pass along to Talaja. There are few highway hotels in talaja if you are planning overnight journey. Good restaurants and dhaba are available on Bhavnagar Highway. Talaja is beautiful town surrounded by hills. There is a Temple on hill which makes the hill very attractive. You can see it while travelling on road.

I stayed 2 nights and a day in Talaja. Really it was pleasant stay, met my past mentees and new people as well. I also met ITREB colleague and friend Altaf Vasaya after long time. I must say, I liked the group, their attitude toward learning; they were very open to learn new things so that I enjoyed interacting with them. Alhamdulillah! Sessions went well according to the feedback what participants personally gave to me. Thank god for the success once again. I thank those people who were helped me throughout the stay. I especially thank Muiz Vasaya for care! May god bless you all.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Talaja, Bhavnagar

This weekend I am travelling to Talaja, Gujarat. The reason why I am travelling is to deliver the sessions. This time talking on two subjects; Islamic law & Being extraordinary creation! The target group is youth. Insha’Allah it will be fruitful time to be there.

Talaja is situated on national highway no. 8 in between Bhavnagar – 50 km and Mahuva – 40 km. It is a Taluka place falls in Bhavnagar. Also known as the birthplace of the poet Narsinh Mehta, Talaja is also house of important sites for Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. There are around 30 ancient Buddhist caves cut into rocks, with fine carving of Boddhisatva. Talaja is having a site placing 3 religion’s important monuments; Jain temple on a hill alongside the town, 13 Buddhist caves on same hill and Hindu temple of Khodiyar Mata is on the same hill as well!

Talaja is reachable place from anywhere as road, rail and air transportation are easily available. I am travelling first time this area. I will share more about Talaja after my trip. Stay Tuned.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Anjar Tour Called Off

Dear friends,

In my last post I have shared about my upcoming Anjar, Kutch tour this weekend. Unfortunately, this your and seminar called off due to few circumstances over there. Regret not to travel Kutch. I will update as soon as new date will be finalized.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The City of Temples - Anjar, Kutch

Freinds, this weekend likely to travel Kutch once again after almost a year. This time destination is different. Going to deliver sessions to youth of Anjar, Kutch. Last time when I visited Kutch, I just get off from bus at Anjar bus station to pick up another bus for Mundra. This time will stay in Anjar only. As always I am studying the city to be visited by me and sharing it's basic information with you all, it will be useful if you plan your travel to Anjar in future!

Anjar, Kutch - History & Geography:

Anjar is a city of Kutch,  It was announced capital of kutch four times. First in Vikram samvat 721 by Chauhan Ajepal, then in 862, then in Vikram Samvat 1062 by Kathis and there after that in Vikram Samvat 1602 by the Maharao shri Khengarji Jadeja. It has history for more than 1400 years. It is the oldest city of Kutch. Anjar is named after by Kshatriya - Chauhan King Ajepal. The city was originally known as 'Ajay Vas' after him but over the years name changed to Anjar. Chauhan Ajepal brother of King of Ajmer, Rajasthan came and settled here to protect the country and defend against the invasion of Khalifa across the sea. He established the first coastal security center in Kutch.

Anjar is situated about 300 km from Ahmedabad its about 40 Kms to the south of main city of Kucth-Bhuj and almost 10 Kms from the north east shore of the Gulf-Kutch. It is known for the Shrine of Jesal and Toral. Jesal Jadeja was a great robber, lady saint Sati Toral had shown the path of spiritualism to him . Jesal and Toral took live samadhi in Anjar. Now days thousands of pilgrims perform pilgrimage in Anjar every year.

Anjar is city of Temples, Shree Swaminarayana Temple is attracton near Sawaser naka. Shree Swaminaryan came to Anjar in approx Samvat 1863 and stayed here for many years, he used to teach spiritual and the real lessons of life to many backward class people over there. Second one is Bhid Bhanjan Mahadev Temple near Sorathia naka and third one is Bhareswar Mahadev Temple which is 1200 years old temple at Devaliya naka. fourth one is Shree Naya Anjar Jain Temple. (Wikis)

Kucth is famous for its culture and history, I am willing to visit mentioned spots. Let's see how much is it possible with scheduled tasks and sessions. Will back with new stories.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chanduvav, Veraval-Gujarat

Yesterday, I had been in Chanduvav, a place near Veraval – Gujarat. I visited Shree Narandas Jethalal Sonecha Management & Technical Institute. Today, I am writing this post for students especially from Saurashtra area. There is a blind belief that Saurashtra is backward place in Gujarat as there is not any high class college for higher education after completing high school or pursuing graduate degree! This thought had been derived after witnessing so many institutes who have big names but not worthful in education infrastructure and in academic aspects! Here I have an answer for those students who leave Saurashtra for master education in technical and management field. There are so many good institutes in city like Rajkot but today I am talking about the institute which is not in any big city though it has modern facilities and infrastructure which are required in this education era.

N. J. Sonecha is opened last year and offering MCA & MBA degrees affiliated with Gujarat Technical University, we know as GTU! I have visited the campus and after vising it, I must say, indeed it is good institute having fantastic lab like which I have seen in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka and Tamilnadu when I travelled there for my IT sessions over there. This college is having Multimedia classrooms, well settled library, an open cafeteria and above all adopted projector enabled teaching method and campus’ latest lab networking which is hardly to find in this area. The institute is situated in natural environment on Veraval – Junagadh Highway. I met and discussed so many academic things with Mr. Gaurav and according to him campus is having best and regular faculties who are concern with student progress in practical manner and yes N.J. Sonecha students are also speaking the same. The thing only is institute is 8 km away from Veraval city and there is not State Transport bus stop at Chanduvav so students have to travel by shuttle rickshaws, but I have been informed that the process of seeking a stop is under conversation. So, it is proud to say that now we are having best educational platforms to convert our dreams into reality. I have interacted with Mr. Pradip Mehta before visiting the institute but unfortunately couldn't meet him this time. I thank him for his warm invitation to visit and thanks Mr. Gaurav for having a trip around campus with us. 

I just appreciate the institute and wish best of luck for its future! Keep it up.