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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Musafir Hoon Yaaron…

Hallo friends, Holi greetings from Karim

I have come back again with new sharing, experiences from my journey. One more connectIT workshop has been completed at Bangalore on 18th. It was second workshop in Bangalore and 4th in Karnataka. It was nice to be again in IT city Bangalore after 2 months. This time we were at Domlur at Amarjyoti layout. We (Me and Mr. Vikas) stayed at service apartment ‘Serenity INN’ which we found like the home stay as we were getting food like home and this stay made us enable to get simple roti, sabji and dal, chawal. It is difficult to find food like this at outside of home. We avoided go out for dinner in different hotel after completion of day as well but we had various varieties of south in our lunch at training centre.  It was our fortune to had training centre at the opposite side of our stay, so there was not needed to wake up early and travel towards training centre in mornings. This time also I met new people and interact with them four days. I have been interacting with people of Karnataka since January and I must say the people of Karnataka are having kind hearts and helping nature as I have personally experienced. I would like to thank Mr. Anish Kumar for the valuable gifted book. 

Few sharing from return journey:

I had train on 18th at 8:10PM from Bangalore city railway station. Station was at the distance of 8.5 KMs from our stay and I had to leave before 2 hours of train as heavy traffic in middle of the city. I left stay at 5:30 PM and passed the traffic and reached Bangalore city railway station before time and packed my dinners and snacks for next day and got into the train. As I was tired, I slept early after dinner and woke up at 8:00AM at Wadi station and spent my whole day in the train. After reaching Mumbai caught train for Navsari and reached there at midnight. This way I completed my trip of Karnataka.

Looking forward to celebrate NAVROZ with Family.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feel Like Home?

It’s not possible for anybody to feel like home at other’s place… Home is unique place for everybody and all like their own home though they stay in someone’s beautiful bungalow for few days as well as all like food of their own home whether they used to visit various cuisines. Same feel which I’m having…

As I always being in travelling I used to have food outside of home but always I miss the food of my home. Sometimes we have to have food in hotels as there is no other option is available! I am travelling for ConnectIT programs and have to take meal in hotels or in service apartments, but missing the home made food. Today I have reached at Bangalore and I had my breakfast and lunch where we are staying. After Delhi stay I found food taste and quality like home at SERENITY INN. Hoping the same quality for next 5 days.

But, I am missing my home food yet!

Hubli Experience

I remember the time 21:30 IST on 6th March when I was supposed to catch the train ‘Chalukya Express’ from Dadar station’s central line for Hubli and till 21:28 I hadn’t reached on platform no 8 as I was travelling from Vasai (Western line) in Church gate local  of 20:15. When I got off from local train at Dadar at 21:22, it became more complicated for me to change the line western to central and find the platform no. 8 in very short time as there were not any sign boards, markings! I was in hurry and moving fastly towards the platform where train already had been arrived as Salima was prompting me! Once I thought that “I’ll miss train tonight” but suddenly I saw sign board which was indicating platform direction and ran towards it. I saw the train and reached there. Train was going to depart within next 2 minutes and I had to reach coach no. A1 besides the engine but I was not in position to cross all coaches i.e. general followed by 8 sleepers and 2 third ACs! As I was feeling tired after rushed to platform no. 8 and  I forgot to bring water bottle in hurry as well So, I thought to get in into S1 and walk towards to coach A1 into the train. At last I reached A1 and slept until Hubli arrived next day.

As I have shared my journey experience above, I reached Hubli after struggling to catch the train. But it was pleasant stay at Ananth Executive-Hubli and enjoyed taking sessions at B.V. Bhoomarradi engineering college with NGO professionals and also visited Deshpande foundation and got overview of their programs and activities.

During the stay, I had various cuisine foods including Karnataka’s traditional food as well. There was mix whether which I had experienced, very hot at noon and felt cool at nights. Thank You Sanjiv for tasting us the famous Thakur Pedha of Dharwad-Hubli.

This way I completed my 9th ConnectIT and reached at Bangalore Once Again…

Monday, March 7, 2011

Arrival at Hubli

Hallo, Today noon, I have reached at Hubli-Karnataka for ConnectIT workshop after visiting family and relatives at Navsari-Surat. There are so many things to share with you regarding my this going on journey. I will back soon with with my sharing but right now only one thing to say... "Missing my dear one" See you...