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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Surat Outing!

Travelling for Surat (South Gujarat) to attend an occasion in in-laws! I had been last in Surat earlier in March. I have not shared anything about Surat with you, Let me tell you few fact about city which I am likely to visit!


According to Wikis, previously known as Suryapur, is a well-developed commercial city of the Indian state of Gujarat. It is also administrative capital of Surat district and one of the fastest growing cities of the world. The city proper is the third cleanest city in India. Surat is Gujarat's second largest city and India's 8th most populated city.

Known for:

The city is located 306 km south of state capital Gandhinagar, and is situated on the left bank of the Tapi River the center being around 22 kms from its mouth.A moat divides the older parts of the city, with its narrow streets and handsome houses, and the newer suburbs. The city is largely recognized for its textile and diamond businesses. It is also known as the diamond capital of the world and the textile capital/Manchester textile city of India, a distinction it took over from Ahmedabad. It is also known as the "Embroidery capital of India" with the highest number of embroidery machines than any other city. 


Surat is mentioned in the Sanskrit epic, the Mahābhārata, when Lord Krishna stopped there en route from Mathura to Dwarka. According to other later Sanskrit records, the area was ruled by the Western Chālukyas in 610 CE, and continued to be ruled by Hindu kings until it was captured by one of the generals of Quṭbuddīn Aibak. The Parsis started to settle there in the 12th century, and added greatly to its prosperity. In the early centuries during the reign of a Maratha King, the port of Surat was used as the gateway to Mecca for pilgrims of the Hajj from India's interior regions. Both the Makkai Pul and the Mughal Sarai guest house for hajjis (pilgrims) are indicators of this historical function. 

Local traditions state that the city as we know it today was founded in the last years of the fifteenth century by a Brahman named Gopi, who called it Suryapūr (City of the Sun). 

Today's Surat:

Surat is now India's second cleanest city. Surat was ranked the No.1 city in India to earn, invest and live. Surat has the highest No. of flyovers in Gujarat. Surat has a very good shopping area. Surat is also called "Mall City" now the days. Surat has numbers of mall and super markets like Escone Mall, Big Bazaar, Vishal Mega Mart, Sahaj Super Stoer, Diraj Sons, City Mall, House Full, etc., Surat has three multiplexes Fame - Raj Empire, Cityplus Multiplex- Adlabs, Valentine and numbers of Cimace all around the citi. Surat is famous for tasty and delicious foods, especially surti khamam, locho, surti undhayu etc.

Will back with more updates... C Yu

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Hello friends,

I am here once again with new sharing from my last travel! I had been to Patna to conduct ConnectIT workshop for NASSCOM Foundation. Patna is the capital city of the north Indian state of Bihar. Let me discuss few interesting things what I came across.

Map of Patna, Bihar
I planned my journey and booked my tickets a week prior and by grace of the God I’d got confirmed train tickets. I planned to travel via Ahmedabad-Delhi as this is best route to travel Bihar and having so many train connections although Ahmedabad station is having train direct to Patna but it takes too much time to reach there. If you travel by Delhi route, you get fast trains as well as you save your time too.

Experienced Getting Appropriate Trains!

Train @ H. Nizamuddin Station
I preferred to travel through (12957) Suvarna Jayanti Raj Exp. train from Ahmedabad to New Delhi which takes 12 hours to reach New Delhi and (12424) Dibrugadh Raj Exp. From New Delhi to Patna which also reaches Patna in 12 hours. I had thoughts in my mind about return journey as I didn’t get availability in Delhi-Ahmedabad train so I planned my journey Patna-Delhi-Baroda-Veraval.

I booked my ticket in (02393) Patna-AVNT (Delhi) Exp. which starts from Patna at 20:00 IST and reaches Anand Vihar (Delhi) next day 12:00 IST as scheduled time. From Delhi I booked my ticket in (12248) H. Nizamuddin-BDTS Yuva Exp. for Baroda which runs from H. Nizamuddin (Delhi) on Saturday at 15:40 IST. I had 3 hours in spare to travel H. Nizamuddin station from New Delhi as I was reaching New Delhi from Patna at 12:00 O’clock. My mind insist me to track Patna-AVNT (Delhi) Exp. Train’s last running records and when I searched I amazed as the train was running 7-10 hours late each day. I change my mind quickly to travel in different train from Patna and I got availability in (12393) S Kranti Sup Exp. which runs 18:00 IST from Patna and reaches New Delhi in 14 hours on time. I preferred that train to get my connection from Delhi to Baroda. Thank God as this plan executed as per plan. I advise those who travel Delhi to Patna or Patna to Delhi to make train choices after studying train running past status as this route generally gets late.

Station Codes: VRL (Veraval) ADI (Ahmedabad) NDLS (New Delhi) PNBE (Patna) NZM (H. Nizamuddin) BRC (Baroda / Vadodara)

In Patna:

Participants @ ConnectIT Workshop
It was nice time in Patna with all participants, had good curricular interaction all 3 days. This time Miss Sneha Sahasrabudhe accompanied me to execute the workshop, she is from NASSCOM Foundation. I was staying in Hotel Republic at exhibition road and had workshop at Admerit College near Loyola School, Kurji road. It is almost at 15-20 minutes distance though it takes almost an hour to travel in traffic. Hotel was ok in term of facilities, not at great level but good at level of area. Hotel has no restaurant but having facility to serve food in your room! I didn’t taste the food of Hotel Republic as we went outside to have dinner both the days. We tried Biryani near the Hotel Republic but it was in local style, too mild! We tried to find other restaurant at Exhibition road but unfortunately not get decent and best one! We taste the Dominos’, it is good to dine.

For travelling within the city you may find Direct Auto, Shuttle Auto and Cycle Rickshaws. Choose as per your timings. Well, will back with few more things soon! Stay Tuned!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Travelling Patna


Once again travelling Bihar tomorrow, Delivering sessions to NGO professionals of Patna in NASSCOM Foundation's ConnectIT workshop.

I had missed previous workshops in Patna as engrossed with other commitments. This would be second IT workshop of mine in Bihar state. Last time I had been in Muzaffarpur with the same purpose.

I will get back to you with more sharing of Bihar and travelling soon...

Do come again! Good Night!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I travelled Ankleshwar (Gujarat) last weekend for back to back two sessions with youth in LEHER. I preferred to travel by train and worked out to find the appropriate train, unfortunately I didn’t find any direct train from Veraval although there is a train – Saurashtra Mail but it doesn’t have stoppage at Ankleshwar station!

Finally, I decided to travel via Rajkot junction which is almost 200 kms from my house and road transport, local trains are available to travel. I booked my upward ticket in 12998 Hapa-Ten SUP Exp. This runs from Hapa (Gujarat) to Tirunelveli (Tamilnadu). The train was scheduled to depart at 22:23 from Rajkot and I planned to catch the train by travelling in Veraval-Rajkot Intercity train from Veraval Junction at 17:45. I reached Veraval and inquired does the train reach Rajkot before Hapa-Ten SF Exp? In reply, I come to know that the Veraval-Rajkot Intercity reaches at destination around at 22:15 and chances to miss the next train if train gets late or signal problem! It was yet 16:30 on clock and I had 6 hours in spare, I changed my mind and rushed to ST bus station to catch an express bus for Rajkot! Generally, it takes 4 hours to reach Rajkot from Veraval. Fortunately, Una-Rajkot express bus was lasted by an hour and I got seat in it. Initially Bus speed was too slow and I was wondering how I will catch the train! But by the grace of God from Junagadh bus got speed and I reached Rajkot at 21:30 though bus had taken longer time than usual. I had a good company of Jaspal Solanki an 11th Science student in my Rajkot bus travelling, had words with him and chatted for long time. I had dinner at Dhaba and waited for train on Station at platform no. 3.

Train was little late by 10 minutes but journey time was not affected with it! I got into the train and slept well. What a train speed it was! Less stoppages, Fast speed in short a very good travelling. This train is suggested by me if you are travelling Mumbai from Rajkot or travelling Tamilnadu.

I had good time with Ankleshwar youth, had wonderful sessions and interactions. I thank all supporters who assisted and cooperated me for this trip! I back home by same night train. In between I enjoyed India Pakistan T20 WC match in Hotel. I stayed at Hotel Sha-Inn near to railway station Ankleshwar, at GIDC end. The hotel is good and very economical, Food quality is good and I liked their hospitality!

Thank U

ID proof is mandatory in AC train travelling

The Indian Railways made it mandatory for travelers who book their tickets for AC coaches through the Passenger Reservation System-PRS (Railway Counter Booking) to carry their identity proofs from February 15th, 2012. The move, said railway officials, is aimed at preventing the unauthorized transfer of tickets, according to a report by The Times of India.

According to railways, “Passengers with tickets booked through the PRS, and internet (i-ticket) will have to carry any one of the nine prescribed identity proofs if they are travelling in AC three-tier, AC two-tier, First AC, AC Chair Car and Executive Classes. Those who fail to produce a photo ID proof will be treated as travelling without ticket.”

So far, only passengers with Tatkal and e-tickets were required to carry an original ID card for the duration of their travel. The new rule is not applied to passengers who book Sleeper Class and Second Class chair car tickets.

The nine prescribed ID proofs accepted while journey:

  1. Voter Photo identity card issued by Election Commission of India. 
  2. Passport. 
  3. PAN Card issued by Income Tax Department. 
  4. Driving Licence issued by RTO. 
  5. Photo identity card having serial number issued by Central/State Government. 
  6. Student Identity Card with photograph issued by recognized school/College for their students. 
  7. Nationalized Bank Passbook with photograph
  8. Credit Cards issued by Banks with laminated photograph.
  9. Unique Identification Card "Aadhaar"


  • Please note that if you are booking Tatkal ticket, you are supposed to submit any one ID proof photocopy from above list and same ID proof in original to be carried with you while train journey but if you have booked ticket form General quota, you can carry any one ID proof in original while train journey.
  • If you are travelling in group on Tatkal ticket, the same ID proof (in original) is required while travelling which had given while booking. Same ID no. is printed on Tatkal ticket under 'Travel Authority' and also being produced in reservation chart.
  • These rules are also to be followed in Raajdhani, Shatabdi & Jan Shatabdi trains. 
Happy Journey!!