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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Weekend with Karimabad Youth

Hallo friends,

Journey resumes after completing Leher at Karimabad Ahmedabad. Yeah, Had been in Karimabad for Leher sessions, Initially it was plan to deliver two sessions but I had been asked to deliver one more session on Sunday noon! It was really nice time in all three sessions, group was excited and open to learn. I hope the group have also enjoyed the sessions and improved their understanding!

I met few new people who were working to bring the program towards success, Just amazing! Their dedication, commitment was up to mark! I reached Ahmedabad on 16th early morning and stayed at Hotel Comfort at Relief road, Its good option if you are searching any economical stay as well as it's crow fly from railway station.

I am Navsari and staying here for two days and leaving tomorrow night for Sangodra Gir. Will back with new updates about my next trip!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

TDP Somnath

Yesterday, I came from Somnath after completing TDP successfully with so many precious memories. Education, Learning, Knowledge, Fun, Entertainment, Party, Campus, Emotion and Drama are few beautiful aspects of the camp. Although, it was Teacher Development Program, Not less than college life experience if I describe it as a participant point of view!

In Session-Somnath
It was ten days training development program and I was assigned for Adolescent Psychology and Developmental sessions as well as for mentoring the new becoming teachers. I had tried to incorporate latest IT techniques in my all sessions and Shukhar Mawla it worked well. I am thankful to all participants for their beautiful feedback what they have given me. I have read all feedback forms and affected by your affectionate words written on the forms. I am not any big personality, just utilizing my capacities which are gifted by God. Whenever I walk for any session, my first priority is to give satisfaction to the participants. I just practiced the same in TDP. I must say, I am lucky to have a chance to interact with you by the medium of TDP. Thank you ITREB.

(Left to Right) Mohit, Sumit, Rahim, Me, Shabnam
Afsana (Seated) Shirin & Charmi
If I say about my group, Mohit, Sumit, Rahim, Shabnam, Afsana, Shirin and Charmi; you all have good nature and appropriate attitude towards learning. You all were open to learn and ready to accept the feedback, not only accept but you have applied the feedback when you had next platform to perform. Just keep it up these qualities, Insha’Allah you will be succeeded. I also like to thank you all group members for respect given to me. I know all your eyes were wet while sharing experience within the group on last day, even mine while I was listening you and reading your thoughts what you have written on my card while playing departure game.

In Bus, Going for MLP
We had two trips one at Maliya Hatina and another one is at Chitrawad-Gir, Though it was education trips, all enjoyed like a picnic! Almost everybody was engrossed in their lesson reading in upward journey and while returning all were in masti mood. Antakshari, Comments, Masti & Celebration had taken place until we reached at camp venue. This camp was the time to meet my colleagues once again after almost a year! This time, I met and worked with few new personalities. Indeed, it was a very nice experience. This experience will remain in my memories forever.