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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Visited Botad

Hello friends

Yesterday, I returned home after completing my Botad (Bhavnagar, Gujarat) tour. On 22nd September, I rushed to Junagadh for catching the last bus for Botad which was schedule to depart at 15:45. I am thankful to Mr. Barkat who picked up me from Sangodra where I was taking a session with youth and dropped me at Junagadh bus station on time. There are limited buses from Junagadh to Botad and last bus is ordinary and takes 5 hours to reach there. This bus passes on route of Jetpur-Gondal-Aatkot-Jasdan-Vinchhiya-Paliyaad. 

I reached at 9 PM and Myself welcomed by members and rain!! It was heavy raining while I was travelling. I visited Botad first time, I stayed at H.H. Agakhan Hostel and had wonderful time over there. Let me discuss few interesting things about Botad.

Botad: -
Botad is one of the fastest growing city in India with a modest voter population of more than 3 lakh. However, the amenities that this city boasts of and its location (Ahmedabad-170 km / Bhavnagar-90 / Rajkot-120 / Surendranagar-90 - all district centers) can make many cities feel envy. Botad is surrounded by many small villages and lots of people from those villages are settled in Botad and lots of people are still coming for better opportunities and that's why population of Botad is doubling every few couple of years. One can say, the city is best for living for average income people. 

Botad is a gateway of Kathiyawad (toward Gadhada, Lathi and Amreli) and junction point of Gohilwad (towards Bhavnagar), Zalawad (Limbdi, Surendranagar) and Panchal (towards Paliyad, Vinchiya, Jasadan).

Botad is a Karma Bhumi of many great people like Javerchand Meghani (Gujarati Litterateur and Freedom Fighter whom Mahatma Gandhi spontaneously gave the title of. Raashtreeya Shaayar (National Poet)), Kavi Shri Damodardas Botadkar (Poet), Mohammad Makad (Litterateur and Teacher), and Bhanushankar Joshi (Freedom Fighter). Mahatma Gandhi visited Botad during one of his tour to Kathiyavad.

Transport, Road & Highways:

Botad is well connected to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Bhavangar, Rajkot, Surendranagar etc. by Railway and Road. Even you will find direct train to Pune, Hyderabad, Kakinada and Kochuveli (situated on east coast of India).

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) runs regular buses to and from Bhavangar, Rajkot and other cities of Gujarat. Botad is very well connected with Gujarat State Highways. Raghuvir travels is providing city bus service within Botad.

Places of Public Interests:

Clock Tower Botad saw its first phase of rapid development during rule of Maharaja Krushna Kumar Singhaji and Takht Singhji (Bhavnagar State). Shree Damodar-Jagjivan (Shah) built the Clock Tower. Today, Tower Chalk is the central business district on the city. There is a library in the building on his name.

Town Gate In those days (1800 until almost time of Independence), every town/villages used to have a wall protecting town from invaders and looters. Gate of town (Gam Darawaja) used to be at what is known as Din Dayal Chalk right now.

Lake Lake that supplies water to most of the areas of the town even today was built by Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji (Bhavnagar State). This is one of the beautiful place to visit and is a place for the Satam Mela (Get together place for celebration of one of the festival during holy month of Shravan).

Tajiyo This building was constructed with aim of building Clock Tower by a civil engineer/entrepreneur named Tulsi Mistri. He was not allowed to put a clock by the prince of the Bhavnagar state. This building later become famous as Tajiyo.

Haran Kui Haran Kui (Spring or Well for Deers) was a fresh water spring on northern part of the town where thousands of deers and other semi-wildlife used to thrive. Story goes that a Nawab had camped near Haran Kui and had killed many deers. This incidence and other factors like growing human population has almost wiped out wild life in nearby areas of the town.

Garden garden is situated near road for paliyad and famous for the speally children who are enjoying a lot. (Source: Wikis)

Indeed, it was pleasure to meet new people and dealt with them throughout the day. See you...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sessions in Saurashtra

Hallo friends,

I have been travelling in Saurashtra for youth seminars since last two weekends. I interacted with 225+ youth in my last 4 sessions in Junagadh, Dhari (Amreli) & GIR. My Anjar-Kutch tour had postponed once again and had new destinations for session.

Second last weekend I had been in Junagadh & Dhari. I had been in Dhari after almost 5 years. It is near about 75 Kms away from Junagadh along to Bilkha & Visavadar. Mr. Pyarali Vadsariya accompanied me in our night on road bike journey. We started at 10 PM to Dhari for next morning session. Since it was night journey road was empty and it took 2+ hours to reach as we were driving in unknown area. We had been advised to stay in Hotel Krishna near Petrol Pump at Dhari, it was below expectation, not too bad as it was best option in Dhari. Next day after session I had to reach Junagadh again for next session! I had only 2 hours between completion at Dhari and Scheduled time at Junagadh. I seemed impossible to reach on time but Mr. Minaz and his driving abilities made it possible we started at 1.15 PM and reached 2.30 PM!! Within 1.15 Hours from Dhari to Junagadh, What a bike journey it was!!

It was great time to be in Dhari and Junagadh earlier and in Bhalchhel and Chitrawad last weekend, had wonderful time with sessions and discussion though it is always difficult to handle youth crowd that’s reason why I had to be more attentive and aggressive. I am also thankful to Mr. Barkat who dropped me at my home from Junagadh and obviously to introduce Darbari restaurant of Junagadh. It is small hotel though good. Its Dhaba type restaurant, I had food with Mr. Samir and Mr. Amir over there. Got so many Facebook friend request from participants, thank you for liking and respect. 

Come to know a new Hotel with AC Conference Hall – Hotel Sapphire opposite of Junagadh ST Bus station. Wonderful! It is great option for stay and for organizing seminars.

This weekend likely have more sessions in GIR itself and also Traveling Botad for my sessions scheduled on 23rd of this month. Will get back with more sharing.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend LEHER


So, according to the post title you must be understood that I am going to have sessions with youth at every weekend. Yes, you are right. I have planned few trips for LEHER and few trip plans are under discussion. From tomorrow I am travelling to Junagadh and Dhari (Amreli) for 3 sessions, later I am likely to travel Kutch as well for Anjar- trip which was postponed in July. Cities such as Rajkot, Gondal, Botad are also in list to be travelled for same reason in upcoming weekends.

Having a session tomorrow in Junagdh after long time of period, travelling Dhari tomorrow evening after 4 years. last travelled in 2008 for attending a meeting. I had many sessions in Junagadh & Dhari earlier but this time audience would be different, their need would be different. looking forward for all 3 sessions.

See you with updates soon.