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Friday, June 24, 2011

Going Back from Gandhinagar

Hello, Everyone

Just, I have completed the ConnectIT workshop with NGO professionals of Gandhinagar at LDRP MCA college. I have been in Gandhinagar since a week and very pleased to explore it. Really city of peace, nobody in hurry and quiet place to stay. Here we were staying in college guest house and we visited hotels like 'Sajan', 'Pathikashram' twice for Gujarati & Punjabi cuisine. I personally recommend to visit 'Pathikashram' when you'll be in Gandhinagar.

Workshop was good as usual by grace of  the God. Tonight leaving and going back home. Planning to go Porbunder-Gujarat for a session with youth over there on Sunday, Inshaallah...

See You...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Different Places, Different People

Good evening friends,

You might be thinking why this title has been placed? In fact I am going to share my last week outing experience with you so, this time I am focusing on few people who live in different places and having different nature. First of I would like to start this blog post  with thanks to Mr. Shantilal and Mr. Ashiq from Ahmedabad for their great hospitality. I had been in Ahmedabad for a day then moved to Anand for two days workshop and finally I had been in Surat for last 3 days. During that time I had great opportunity to discuss the subject 'Spirituality' with hundreds of youth. I enjoyed those sessions. I am also thankful to the audience who admired my sessions and invited me to visit again their place.

The one only thing I want to share with you today is, I met few people who was having a lot of attitude problem and by this nature somewhere they are creating problems and harming others! They are treating like the great personalities by way of interacting and dealing with other people but great personalities defined by heart, nature and deeds. They should keep in mind this! May God bless them... 

Overall, I enjoyed journey, sessions and stay! I got few time which I had spent with my dearones. Going Gandhinagar next week than again Karnataka.

Thank U

Friday, June 3, 2011

Delhi Trip

Hallo... Friednz,

Today is the last day of my Delhi trip. It was again a fruitful journey and also successful completion of Delhi ConnectIT workshop. I have spent 6 days over here and had pleasant stay at Lajpat Nagar and also got time to visit  the best restaurants & market.

I reached at Delhi on Sunday evening after long journey from South to North and had to take enough rest to charge up myself for the Workshop which was scheduled from 31st May. Last Monday, I visited Nasscom foundation's Delhi office and was very glad to meet the staff. Secondly, few participants of Delhi first  workshop also came to meet me so, was happy to see them again. Workshop was organised at 'The India Habitate Centre' near Jawaharalal Nehru Stadium. Habitate Centre is very beautiful place with large area of building and restaurant as well.

On very first day, We got participants more than expected so few of the participants had to attend my session's first two hours without getting chair to sit! and two participants among of them came to me in lunch break and shared, "Sir, We were planning to leave workshop as the theory room was full of the participants, people were not able to sit properly, so we assumed the session won't be gone effective! but after attending first half of your session, we'll come and attend all the remaining days." This sharing made me happy as people are appreciating my sessions. This thing won't be possible without the grace of the God... Thank you God! I became satisfied when I saw the satisfaction on the learner's faces. This is my true earnings.

So, finally leaving tonight for home as having few day off and Inshaallah will resume the journey as Gandhinagar & Gulbarga workshops have been scheduled this month. I thank shubhrajyoti for all things, specially for introducing shwarma to me ...

Thanks for love...