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Friday, May 27, 2011


Hallo, Friends...

After TDP-Mumbai, I am in Mysore since last five days and exploring the historical city after the sessions at evenings. I am finding the city very quiet and peaceful, no traffic inside the city as all major companies and industrial units have situated outside of the city. The noon is very hot and morning and evening’s environment is pleasant. 

I am at National Institute of Engineering-College (NIE) and delivering various sessions on IT and Software to NGO people of Mysore. Met new people once again and happy to interact with them. Having Karnataka style food in Lunch every day, I have tasted tomato rice, yellow rice, curd rice, besi beli baath etc. which is common food in lunch over here.

On Wednesday, I experienced season’s first rain in Mysore early morning and rain made weather too very cold. I have completed 4 days in Connect IT workshop here and leaving Mysore for Delhi tonight for another  connect IT workshop over there from next Tuesday. I’m hoping for great time in Delhi as well.

In Mysore I have visited so many restaurants, hotels & snack shops with colleague Mr. Shubhrajyoti Bhowmik-Program Manager of Nasscom foundation Delhi. We visited RRR-The Andhra style food, Biryani paradise, Downtown etc. We also tasted Mysore’s popular street food-paratha and kurma. Last night we went at ‘Fish land’ the highway hotel and had our dinner over there, but while returning back didn’t get any auto and we had to walk for 2 kms to find the auto. I enjoyed my Mysore trip and successfully completed the workshop. Thank U God...

Now, planning to visit Mysore palace and having train at 8 pm as well…

Bye-Bye Mysore…

Friday, May 13, 2011

Intellectual Ride Resumes

Hi friends, Session series is going to begin on various topics and with various people from 13th May, 2011 onwards. After 10 days of holiday at home, now going to Chitrawad-Gujarat for 2 days seminar with youth and then going to Mumbai-Maharashtra for workshop with teachers. After completing it having series of ConnectIT workshops in Karnataka & Delhi last week of current month... This year also will celebrate my birthday far away from home...!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Rajkot TDP Group
Hallo Friends, Once again I am here with sharing of my journey experience. Yesterday evening I came back home after completing the Teachers Development Program at Rajkot. As I have shared with you earlier that TDP is the program where I most like to serve and interact with people. Every year I spare time for this event and I got the time for this year as well. I was in religious environment for 10 days and interacted with almost 40 teachers in various 4 sessions.

While I was travelling towards Rajkot on 20th Evening, I was thinking about my colleagues who are not coming Rajkot this time with whom I am working since 2007 and was hoping for best to work with new faculties. At last I am happy to work with new people who have great intelligence in various fields; here I would like to admire those people with whom I have worked very first time and I am impressed with their work, Creativity and nature. New people like Shaheen, Rozmin and Sahil had shared session with me and I can’t forget Farah and Afzal as well who were with me since eve of the TDP! They all did their best and the other side I had company of experienced people like KG, Shirin, Nargis and Meghna with whom I have started my TDP journey. Overall it was great team to work. I had great time throughout the TDP and blessed to visit two more Jamatkhanas of Rajkot, Akashdeep and Raiya Road with my group.

Regarding my group, we were 10 members in our group and everybody was having good and calm nature. I am thankful to them for their respect and honour. I have seen the emotion and feelings when I left the group at the end of program. I value their feelings once again I thank them for care and love. I felt like my family being in group and was surrounded by group mates like my family members. I shall never forget these days. The memorable time in Rajkot was to roam with colleagues and get together with teachers formally or informally.

During these days I had all kind of food-cuisines like Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian and Chinese at Hotel Kavery. The very worst time of program was departure when everybody was sank into emotions and made many people cry. I know this is the special bond which made us unique. After living from the camp I reached to Rajkot railway station and came to know that train was running two hours late and I cancelled my ticket and rushed towards bus station. It was my luck and God wish that the Bus of my village was at the platform and it had more 15 minutes to depart. I got into the bus and got call from Afzal that he is near bus station area and coming to meet me as I had not met him when I depart. At last he and Sahil came and met me and then I depart for my home. While travelling I got couple of messages from my group mates to farewell me and one of the them was from Mitul bhai which was saying Miss U Sir…

Really it was the best camp in my history! I also miss you all… Inshaallah will meet soon… Amen. Take Care