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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Returning from Hyderabad



I am writing this post while resting in Mumbai Central railway station waiting room. I have just arrived from Secunderabad after completing the ConnectIT workshop of NASSCOM Foundation. I am waiting for next train which is scheduled to depart at 08:20 for Rajkot.

I had been in Hyderabad-Secunderabad last 5 days and enjoyed the trip over there. Sessions and interaction with participants was good and utilized time to meet relatives over there after completing the workshop.

This time I was with new colleague Mr. Prashant Pandit the senior manager for NASSCOM Foundation, find him nice and had well time and company of him. We were staying at Hotel Kassani GR at Madhapur, Hi Tech city. Indeed, it was great and comfortable stay. Had taste of Kassani’s restaurant and able to suggest dishes as best such as Schezwan Fish and Darbari Chicken. Hotel Kassani is providing complementary hi speed internet connections in rooms. I must say to have experience of the hotel when you will be next time in Hyderabad. I hadn’t visited any public places during this visit as was not having enough time to go out and surf the city although explored city on net! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back To Back Journeys

On Going Journey: Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)
Last: Jetpur (Gujarat)
Ago: Rajkot (Gujarat)

Hallo friends,

After conducting 3 sessions with youth at Rajkot & Jetpur last weekend, I have reached at Madhapur, Hyderabad to conduct 3 days CIT (ConnectIT) advanced computing training workshop for NGO professionals in Hyderabad. It's a NASSCOM Foundation event. First Time in Hyderabad for Sessions.

Today, I just arrived at Hyderabad by Rajkot-Secunderabad Express. It was almost 29 hours journey. It was comfortable journey though train got very slow after entering in Hyderabad. Train was not getting signals easily on account of other local trains and crossings. I got off at Begumpet station as I was supposed to reach at Madhapur which is almost 11 KMs away from Begumpet railway station. Just working on tomorrow's sessions, I will back with new sharing after completing the tour.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Jamnagar - A Historical City

Friends, Last weekend I visited Jamnagar and stayed there for two days. Trip was good; Sessions were well and had positive feedbacks from group. Somehow I felt, we still need to work on time! I believe we yet not understood the value of the time. Anyways, let me share my experience with you!

I had reached Jamnagar on last Friday night. Altaf Vasaya and Anwar Lakhani accompanied me. After reaching we booked a room in Hotel Kama after getting good reviews from a co-traveller. Though it was economy hotel, we can’t expect any other facilities than the hotel had! We tried to change hotel but didn’t find any decent near bus station area although there are guest house like Minal and Shivshakti, facilities were almost same. There are good restaurants in Jamnagar if you search little far from bus station area. Both the day we went to Restaurant Maruti, taste seemed good. It is a decent restaurant for family.

Jamnagar is easy to travel from Junagadh (3 hours) Rajkot (2 hours) on road if you are in Saurashtra. There are trains from Rajkot Jn as well. There are so many places to visit; unfortunately we couldn’t visit due to busy schedule.
Railway Station in past

Interesting Facts:
  • Jamnagar is a coastal town of Gujarat – India. 
  • It was founded by Jam Raval in 1540 A.D. as the capital of the princely state of Navanagar. 
  • It was so named after the ruler who called themselves Jamshree. 
  • There are so many buildings situated in the old part of the town such as the Darbar Gadh, Mandvi Tower and Jam Bungalow. 
  • Darbar Gadh was a gathering place where the Maharaja of Nawanagar used to hold public audience. 
  • Jamnagar is the home town of best cricketers such as His Royal Highness Jam Ranjitsinhji, Duleepsinhji, Prince Amish and his nephew Prince Vinu Mankad, Salim Durrani, Indrajitsinhji, Ajay Jadeja and emerging cricketer Ravindra Jadeja. 
  • Jamnagar is also famous for its 'Brass Products', 'Bandhani' and handicrafts. 
  • According to Pauranik literature, Lord Krishna established his kingdom at Dwarka town in Jamnagar district, after migrating from Mathura. 
  • Jamnagar is today known as 'Oil City' because the world's biggest oil refinery belonging to Reliance Industries and a smaller one belonging to Essar Oil are located in Jamnagar. 
  • Jamnagar is well known for its four marble Jain temples: Vardhman Shah's Temple, Raisi Shah's Temple, Sheth's Temple, and Vasupujya Swami's Temple. All were built between 1574 and 1622.
  • There are 30 Jain Temples in the town.

Places of interest:
  • Darbargadh Palace
  • Lakhota Fort
  • Willingdon Crescent
  • Pratap Vilas Palace
  • Kotha Bastion
  • Dhanvantri Mandir (Ayurvedic University – only one in India)
  • Solarium
  • Bhujio Kotho
  • Bohra Hajira

Visit when you will be in Jamnagar!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

LOVE मैरिज या ARRANGED मैरिज

SUHANA SAFAR – Life is a journey! We all are in a journey of the life although we are on different ways and different tracks to reach the destination which is ultimately same for all human beings! We get life and visa from God to travel various aspects and events of life and we start to enjoy our trip with the people whom we meet during this journey. We meet so many people whether they are our blood relatives or just a Pedestrian who is passing by from us! There are so many people who touch our hearts and become very special companion of the life journey! Today, on the platform of Suhana Safar, I am sharing one major and blessed life event of life – Marriage!

You might hear the most spoken idiom “Marriages are made in heaven!” This is very common sentence which people use when they talk about any individual’s marriage. Though Marriages are made in heaven, we are supposed to discover the partner on earth! In some cases the individual finds the soul mate according to the dream and in some cases the family or match-maker helps to find out appropriate partner. Generally when individuals  find the partners themselves and decide to be married with each other called "Love Marriage" and when Family choose the partner for any individual called "Arrange Marriage!"

Love Marriage v/s Arranged Marriage

Very nice topic to be discussed here i.e. LOVE मैरिज या ARRANGED मैरिज? Which one is best and long lasting? The question is really tough to answer, let’s try to find the answer in this discussion.

Love Marriage: People say love is blind as love doesn’t see the age, caste, education, families and status of the opposite person so that when an individual see a person who is same as according to the dream, love feeling take place in the hearts. Love starts with attraction then liking, proposing, expressing, meetings and finally two individuals come with the decision to spend life together as husband and wife as they have understood themselves and know the expectations of each other. It is not the end of story; actually the story starts now as they require the permission to marry each other from their parents or guardians! Sometimes it becomes easy if both are from same caste and levels and if differs, the test begins! Test of love, test of patience and test of relation! If they pass these all circumstances, they would have best married life as now they know the value of love and relation. It is not guaranteed that the problems will not be raised in love marriage in fact love marriage requires so many arrangements! Love requires arrangements and adjustments in term of acceptance of; families, background, customary, economic situations, role and responsibilities, way of living and the most important the thinking and status of partner. The fact is, she partner has to arrange and adjust the most of arrangements after marriage. In short, Love requires positive arrangement for happy life ahead, but it takes time.

Arranged Marriage: Arrange means to set a marriage of two unknown persons who even they don’t know each other properly! Generally arranged marriage process is start with setting up the meetings of two families and especially for two individuals who are going to be bounded with relation of husband and wife! These meetings are platform to discuss their lives, needs and likes-dislikes etc. If both the person finds each other as perfect match and like outer appearance, get engaged and start to know more closely. Sometimes, the period between engagement and marriage is very long so that both the persons may have more time to know more and understand each other but in many cases this period is too short and in no time they got married after engagement! In this type of marriage they have to love this arrangement, it is true that the love neither comes with force nor you insist your partner to love you! It’s come with understanding and care. If any couple married on arranged basis, they require love! But, it takes time!

Let me conclude the topic with my personal view; “If you can arrange your love and adjust all situations after marriage, go with “Love Marriage” or if you are able to find love and love the arrangement of marriage, go with “Arrange Marriage.”  The thing is in arrange marriage you have to wait for love and in love marriage you have to wait for arrangement! True! Both formats require passion of love, care and commitment.

Sony Entertainment Television is going to telecast new series LOVE मैरिज या ARRANGED मैरिज from August 6th at 8:30 PM. We shall know more about this topic on Sony; Wait more for few days...

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