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Monday, November 19, 2012

Blank Paper Ticket

Hello friends,

Today, I am sharing Indian Railway’s one of the best facility in term of train reservation booking. Indian Railways has a scheme named BPT – Blank Paper Ticket, Lets know what that is???


Blank Paper Ticket is a type of railway journey ticket. Blank Paper Ticket is a ticket issued by India Railways to break your journey at a station and then you can travel to your destination station in any train' s reserved compartment. In other words blank paper ticket is when a person wants to travel any destination and the direct train is not available then break journey is the last option for this type of journey. when the person approach to the ticket counter and demand the blank paper ticket, the ticket is provided to him with some concession in fare.

E.g. If you likely to travel Hyderabad-Deccan from Ahmedabad and you are not getting reservation in direct train or if you want to lay over in Mumbai for some hours for work, most probably you will book your ticket via Mumbai and search reservation in two different trains i) Ahmedabad-Mumbai ii) Mumbai- Hyderabad-Deccan. In this case you have to book two tickets but it will cost you more than direct train! As per the rule you can request a BPT on reservation counter and your ticket will be booked as Ahmedabad-Hyderabad-Deccan via Mumbai in two different trains. No extra charge will be made and you will save extra ticketing cost. Just you have to give two train names through which you want to travel. See the guidelines to fill up the reservation form below:

Train Name:
 Gujarat Mail  |  Date: 23/12/2011  | Class: 2AC  |  Berth: 01  
From Ahmedabad Jn. To Hyderabad-Deccan
Boarding at: Ahmedabad Jn.  |  Reservation up to: Dadar

Onward Journey

Train Name:
 Hyderabad Exp  |  Date: 24/12/2011  | Class: 2AC  |  Berth: 01
Boarding at: Dadar.  |  Reservation up to: Hyderabad-Deccan

You will have two tickets with two different PNR nos. Second ticket will cost you RS. 0 that is why it is called Blank Paper Ticket. This facilty is not available in Rajdhani Exp and Shatabdi Exp.


  1. Yes it's good. I have experienced & benefited from last 10 years. Rayagada-Ranchi-Muzaffarpur or Rayagada-Tata-Muzaffarpur.
    Is there any BPT facility for 2 break journeys in the way or we will have to
    change two trains in the way for destination?
    Dr. P. N. Singh, Principal, GIST (Engg. College), Rayagada, Odisha

  2. How about garib rath train along with normal trains - telescopic tickets alowed with garib rath train ?


  3. How we can take online tickets from irctc as I want to go kalyan to JSME via patna

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  5. can i modify my bpt ticket as i am travelling from ajmer to udaipur via ajmer. my connecting train is from ajmer to udaipur which often runs 3 hrs late. so now i want to modify the train from ajmer to udaipur. what to do.

  6. If i have a concession of Kanpur to Panipat and vice versa.Can i travel in New Delhi trains from kanpur by BPT rule?

  7. Is there any limit in maximum distance for bpt bookings? Railway clerk refused my bpt booking because my journey exceeded 1024 kms, is there any rule like this?

  8. For specific query please turn to railway helpline.

  9. Ek hi train me alag alag ticket reservation ho sakta hai kya
    For exp
    Train 11019
    Cst to vijayada jn
    Vijayada jn to visakhapatnam

  10. Gone to purchase blank paper ticket at Pali railway station. From ludhiana to palimarwar via jaipur but booking clerk refused to make ticket saying such that the distance of destination should be 15% of shortest route. Is it right?